Events Board Funding Guidelines

To apply for funding from the GSG Events Board:

  1. Plan your event and budget. Submit for approval from the Dean of Graduate Student Life. Please be advised that the Graduate School requires that all on-campus events be registered and approved by the Dean of Graduate Student Life. However, the GSG will consider funding requests before such approval has been given.
  2. Determine the date of the Events Board meeting that occurs before your event.
  3. Funding requests up to $1250 (5% of the annual budget) need to be made 3 weeks before the event takes place. Requests are decided by the Events Board at one of their bimonthly meetings. Submit a Funding Request no later than the Sunday night prior to an Events Board meeting. If funding is granted at one of the meetings on Thursday, the event must be listed in the weekly events bulletin sent out the following Monday, preceding your event.  Please send you event information to MaryEllen Trapold ( by Friday evening for inclusion in the Monday bulletin.
  4. Funding requests that exceed $1250 must be made 6 weeks before the event takes place. They will be presented to the GSG Assembly at the monthly meeting.
  5. Send a representative to the meeting to describe the event and answer questions.
  6. The Events Board will make a decision about your funding request.
  7. Advertise your event.
    • The event must be open to all grad students.
    • In order to receive reimbursement, the event must be included in the weekly events bulletin email sent from the office of the Assistant Dean of Student Life for the Graduate School on the week of the event.
    • You must list the Graduate Student Government Events Board as a co-sponsor.
    • The GSG may help you send a global e-mail to advertise your event to grad students.
  8. Enjoy your event!

After the event, please start the reimbursement process ASAP:

  • Submit the original receipts and an itemized budget after you hold the event, in order for the Events Board to be able to pay you by either submitting a student voucher to you personally (i.e. if you used your personal credit card) or by transferring the money to your group account (if applicable). Please note that no matter the amount of money your request was granted by the Board, we cannot reimburse you for money that you didn’t spend based on the original receipts that you submit after the event. If student voucher will be issued (i.e. if you payed with your personal credit card), please send the original receipts, along with the itemized budget, via campus mail to: Rachael Barry, Department of Molecular Biology, Lewis Thomas Laboratory. If group’s account will be reimbursed, scan the receipts and mail them (including an itemized budget) to
  • According to the GSG Events Board rules, you have one (1) month after the date of the event to submit the receipts to the Board or to contact the Board to request an extension. If this deadline has passed, the Board maintains the right to deny the reimbursement and in such cases the money initially allocated for your request will be returned to our regular budget for funding other requests.