Constitution and By-Laws

The Graduate Student Government Constitution was adopted on November 1, 2000. The “Current Constitution and By-Laws” linked below represents an informal version of those documents, with all amendments passed as of the current date incorporated as changes directly into the text. The official Constitution and By-Laws consist of the original documents (linked below) as well as the complete text of all amendments to them (also linked below). The Historical Note describes the ratification and amendment process.

The Current Constitution and By-Laws
The Current Standing Rules
Judicial Opinion Issued on May 11, 2003
The Constitution and By-Laws from 1999
The Constitution and By-Laws from 2000
Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws

Historical Note

The original constitution of the Graduate Student Union was adopted in 1989. It was amended on numerous occasions, the last being in October 1999, when the name of the organization was changed to the Graduate Student Government. The original constitution of the GSU has been lost, but the Constitution as it stood between October 1999 and the ratification of the new GSG Constitution in November 2000 is available.