GSG Graduate Writing Days

Graduate Writing Days provides a structured space at Campus Club for graduate students to write, regardless of whether you are writing your dissertation, a book chapter, grant proposal, article, or conference paper.

Writing Days offers:
Plenty of caffeine and a generous spread of breakfast food
A complementary writing program to Dissertation Boot Camp.
An independent, low-intensity, flexible writing space
Work space to suit your style (quiet zone or cafe atmosphere)
Tips and strategies for the writing process
Optional weekly debriefing groups
The Spring 2014 Session I for Graduate Writing Days are Mondays from 9:00 am-12:00 pm.  Dates available for sign-up are:

  • February 10
  • February 17
  • February 24
  • March 3
  • March 10

Spring 2014 Session II will be on Mondays and Sundays at Campus Club and the Graduate College.  Sign-ups are available now.

Sign up for as many sessions as you like, but please do stay for the full three-hours at each session.

Send your questions to Emma Fuller at

A quick history

Brooke Macnamara, a Ph.D. student in Psychology, started GWD in 2011.  She initially got funding from the Graduate School for ten 3-hour sessions per semester for 25 participants per session.  Due to the popularity of the program, the program was expanded to 40 participants per session.  Currently, the program management is being transitioned to the Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson of the GSG to ensure that the program continues.

GWD is expanding in Spring 2014

Demand for the program has been high with all 40 spots being filled within a day of sign-ups becoming available.  So far, GWD has been at the Campus Club on ten Monday mornings per semester, and five mornings in the summer.  To meet student demands, GWD is expanding with the support of the GSG and the Graduate College House Committee to include another session on Sundays. This new session will be held Sunday afternoons at the Graduate College and will offer brunch options.

Sponsored by the GSG Events Board, the Writing Center,the Graduate College House Committee (GCHC) and the Graduate School.