Graduate Housing


In Fall 2014, the Graduate Student Government was disappointed to learn about additional delays to the Lakeside apartments. While an earlier delay was accompanied by reasonable compensation, this latest delay came after 5 months of silence and offered reduced compensation for some students. In addition, students have encountered additional expenses as a result of the new delay, including higher rent at their temporary housing complexes, storage costs, and high winter heating bills. The Graduate Student Government collected feedback from many students and crafted a policy letter that describes in detail the changes that should be made as a result of the new Lakeside delay. We also believe that expanded graduate housing is the most significant step that can be taken to improve graduate student life on campus and enable graduate students to best contribute to the Princeton University community.  In Spring 2014 we released an official policy letter, and many of the current Lakeside issues could have been avoided if there was sufficient graduate student housing capacity available.  Particularly, this proposal calls for the construction of another housing development sufficient to extend University graduate housing capacity to 90% of regularly enrolled, or 80% of all enrolled, graduate students.

Maintenance in Graduate Housing

There have been some concerns about maintenance issues in Butler and Stanworth and whether the University has been avoiding repairs due to the impending demolition of these sites. Housing and Real Estate Services (HRES) has confirmed that the level maintenance at Butler and Stanworth should not be reduced while the units are occupied. HRES has assured us it is actively working to resolve graduate students’ concerns regarding housing and laundry facilities.

Long-term housing plans
The University has committed to housing 70% of graduate students. Lakeside Apartment Complex is a new development on campus that will open in the 2014-2015 school year.  The GSG can confirm that Butler and Stanworth Apartments will close permanently following the opening of the new Lakeside complex. The transition to Lakeside will begin in phases as soon as buildings are available. The University has not yet provided a definite date when buildings will be available.

All students moving to Lakeside will be able to select a moving date in a four week range. Students who are taking their general exams or have other conflicts during their moving period will be able to contact the housing office for an extension. Students who are currently living in Butler or Stanworth and who are not successful in the 2015 housing lottery will be able to remain until the end of June 2015. Students that postpone their move to Lakeside may receive reduced moving assistance.

Housing draw
You can access the Housing Draw website by following this link.

Off-campus housing
For students who are unsuccessful in the on-campus housing draw, the University has created a website to assist students in finding off-campus housing. The site also contains other resources with links to other sites related to housing (avaible under the “Other Resources” menu item). In August 2014 the GSG conducted a survey of where graduate students live off campus. You can find a map with locations where students live as part of the Survey Results. Also see Tiger Trade, where many students post sublet information.

Graduate Housing Policy Committee
The GSG and each of the residential policy committees meet regularly with the Housing Office and the Graduate School to discuss housing policies and procedures including the draw. Interested students should email the gsg to join the GSG Housing Committee.

Renters’ Insurance
As of the 2009-2010 academic year, the University requires all apartment residents in graduate housing to obtain renter’s insurance.