Information for Students with Children

Tigers with Cubs

Tigers with Cubs is a group for graduate students with children. Their website is a wonderful source for students with or expecting children.

Student Child Care Assistance Program (SCCAP)

Princeton’s SCCAP is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible students with pre-K children.  The grants can be applied to both in-home childcare and daycare.  A grant of up to $5000 is available for 1 child, and a second grant is possible for families with 2 children.

For tax purposes, grants are treated as stipend income, and therefore may be subject to state and federal taxes.

To apply for a SCCAP award:

  1. Log in to Tigerhub
  2. Click on Self Service
  3. Navigate to Benefits
  4. Choose Child Care Assistance

Grants are made on an annual basis, and you must re-apply each year.  If a child arrives after the application deadline, you have 90 days to submit an application (however, you may not apply before the child is born or adopted).  In this event, the award will be prorated.

More information about SCCAP is available here.