On-Demand Shuttles

During the academic year, On-Demand Shuttles run 7 days a week from 10 pm – 3 am, excluding holidays.

  • Please call the On-Demand number at 609-258-RIDE (7433) to schedule a ride. Any additional unscheduled passenger(s) will not have immediate access to their destination. They will be lowest priority and may not be able to board if seats are needed for scheduled pick-ups.
  • Shuttles may not be flagged down by passengers.  Please call to schedule a pickup.
  • The On-Demand shuttle should go whereever the regular shuttles travel (except the Saturday Shopper), plus to the Princeton Junction train station after the Dinky stops running. This includes main campus, Forrestal campus, all graduate housing locations, Canal Point Blvd and Market Fair.
  • You should only call the On-Demand when there is not already a shuttle line running where you need to go. This means that between 9pm-11pm on weekdays, when the Campus Circulator and the East Line are running, you should not call for rides from main campus locations to Stanworth, Lawrence, the GC, or Butler, and you should not call for rides from Lawrence to the GC. A reasonable guideline is that if the regular shuttle route takes less than 20 minutes, you should not call the On-Demand shuttle.