Sean Edington candidate statement

Sean Edington
5th year Ph.D student

s. edington

I am a 5th-year Ph. D. student in Chemistry. At Princeton, I have played many parts:

  • Chemistry GSO President
  • Resident Graduate Student
  • GSG Representative
  • McGraw Graduate Fellow
  • Princeton Summer Soccer League organizer / general complaint hot-line

Through these roles, I have learned how to best accomplish goals, large and small, by working with and through University offices. I have also formed many friendly and productive connections with administrators throughout the University. Perhaps the most relevant of these is my amicable relationship with the incoming Dean of the Graduate School, with whom I worked for two years as a Butler RGS.

In what will (hopefully) be my final year as a graduate student, I hope to employ my experience and relationships communicating, advocating for, and realizing the interests of Princeton’s graduate students. The best path to these objectives is frequently through friendly cooperation with a wide spectrum of the University’s administrative offices. I am well-positioned and eager to continue building the cooperative efforts already underway while creating new opportunities. However, I am also prepared to firmly stand ground on behalf of Princeton’s grad students when necessary.

I will help cultivate a focused and efficient environment within the GSG while maintaining a friendly and informal atmosphere. I will also take seriously my job to represent the interests of the grad student community. As GSG President, I will listen carefully and adjust my goals accordingly. I will do my best to determine and put into action the most effective strategies for reaching these goals.

I currently feel that the following goals are important (subject to your feedback!):

As the University is currently drafting its next decade-long “Master Plan,” we have a rare and important window to influence long-term housing policy. I will work hard to help ensure that this policy includes additional convenient, high-quality, and affordable graduate housing.

I will endeavor to continue successful programs (e. g., expanded Frist Center summer hours; popular social programs) while pursuing both short-term (improved bus service) and long-term (a main-campus graduate pub) goals.

I plan to continue enhancements to the GSG web site. The end goal will be to have all GSG-held information, especially timely and important data such as housing documents and statistics, browsable and available to graduate students via

Finally, I would like to endorse Tom Morrel for the position of Communications Director.
Thank you for voting!