2018 Candidate Nominations

The Election Committee is pleased to announce the official list of candidates for the 2018 GSG Elections. As no candidates have accepted nomination for the position of Communications Director, the role will be filled by direct vote of the Assembly at the March GSG Meeting. Students interested in running for this position should contact gsgelect@princeton.edu by March 8, 2018.

Nominees for the GSG Executive Board:
Mai Nguyen — Candidate Statement

Vice President
Adam Fisher — Candidate Statement

Vice President of Internal Affairs
Bernat Guillen Pegueroles — Candidate Statement

Communications Director
No candidates accepted nomination

Noah Apthorpe — Candidate Statement

Emily Cuddy — Candidate Statement
Zachary Hervieux-Moore — Candidate Statement

Special Events officer
Sepehr Shahshahani — Candidate Statement

Facilities officer
Laura Bustamante — Candidate Statement

Health and Life officer
Ellia Miller — Candidate Statement

Academic Affairs officer
Suzie Hermán — Candidate Statement
Daniel Cooney — Candidate Statement

Social officer
Gabriel Moore — Candidate Statement

Nominees for CPUC Committees:
Executive Committee
Andrew I. Wilson — Candidate Statement

Governance Committee
Sarah Hutter — Candidate Statement

Judicial Committee
Akshay Mehra — Candidate Statement

Priorities Committee
Jonathan Balkind — Candidate Statement

Resources Committee
Ambra Casonato — Candidate Statement

Rights and Rules Committee
Christopher Hale — Candidate Statement

Special Committee on Naming
No candidates accepted nomination