2019 GSG Election

The 2019 GSG Elections Committee is delighted to announce the opening of the 2019 Graduate Student Government officer elections. Nominations are now closed for the GSG’s eleven officer positions. At the moment nominees are accepting/rejecting their nominations and submitting candidate statements:
– Vice President
Vice President of Internal Affairs
– Communications Director
 Special Events officer
 Facilities officer
 Health and Life officer
 Academic Affairs officer
 Social officer

For a complete list of individuals who have been nominated to the GSG Exec and CPUC committees, please see the 2019 nominations. The nominations page will be updated as nominations are received. The deadline for nomination submissions is Sunday, January 27th at 5 PM.

Students may nominate themselves or any other graduate student for any (or all) of these positions by emailing the Election Committee (gsgelect@princeton.edu) with the student’s name, Princeton email, and the position(s) for which they wish to be nominated.
Officers are expected to attend weekly or bi-weekly executive committee meetings and monthly GSG Assembly meetings, as well as meeting with university officials and members of the campus community as their duties require. In recognition for the time and effort they contribute to the university community, GSG officers receive priority in the housing draw.

Nominations are also closed for positions on the following committees of the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC):
 Executive Committee (2)
 Governance Committee (1)
 Judicial Committee (1)
 Priorities Committee (2)
 Resources Committee (1)
 Rights and Rules Committee (2)
 Special Committee on Naming (1)
The results for CPUC positions will be sent to the Office of the University Vice President and Secretary, who make the ultimate decision for CPUC appointments.

Want to learn more about what each exec officer does? Check out GSG Exec descriptions

What does each CPUC committee do? Check out Graduate Students and CPUC Committees

What does the nominations timeline look like, and when will elections be held? See the complete 2019 Election Plan.

The Graduate Student Government will also be voting on a referendum: “Whether the Graduate Student Government Constitution should be amended to include Housing Representatives as voting members.” For a complete description of the referendum, and a neutral informational overview, see 2019 GSG Referendum