2019 Constitution Amendment Referendum

2019 Election Referendum Vote: 
The 2019 GSG Election will also include a vote on a referendum related to an amendment to the GSG constitution. The text of the referendum reads: “Whether the Graduate Student Government Constitution should be amended to include Housing Representatives as voting members.”

Section IV-3 of the Constitution will be amended (if the referendum passes) to (changes in bold):

Delegates of the Assembly are members of the Graduate Student Body chosen by the residential communities and certain interest groups specified in the By­Laws. Because the GSG wishes to establish a diverse forum for communication with the many nonacademic organizations on campus and recognizes the contributions of these organizations, Delegates shall hold every power held by Representatives of the Assembly except the right to vote in matters before the Assembly, including, but not limited to, the right to move matters before the Assembly, propose amendments to such matters, and debate. Residential community representatives, as well as some interest groups, as defined in the By­Laws, shall be considered voting interest groups, and shall send voting Delegates instead of non­voting Delegates. These voting Delegates shall have the right to vote on all matters before the Assembly, except for funding requests. In order to be considered a voting interest group, a group must be so designated by By­Law and must represent a unique minority viewpoint which is otherwise underrepresented. [Legislative Intent: The Assembly recognizes that certain groups of individuals on campus are likely to be underrepresented in the Assembly. The purpose of this clause is to encourage greater participation and ensure that these individuals are not excluded from the work of the Assembly. Each group should represent at least 1% of the Graduate Student Body and submit to the Parliamentary Secretary annually a list of its members.]

For more information, as well as arguments for and against this referendum, you can check the following links.