2020 Candidates

The following candidates have accepted a nomination for the 2020 GSG election. Please read the Candidate Statements for more information about their platforms and positions. Incumbent candidates are marked with an asterisk.

GSG Executive Committee

Karina Alventosa

Vice President
Lauren Feldman

Vice President for Internal Affairs
Gabriel Moore

Gyoonho Kong

Guanhua He

Communications Director
Allison Tang

Special Events Officer
Irving Miramontes

Academic Affairs Chair
Andrew D. Finn

Facilities & Transportation Chair
Laura Bustamante*

Health & Life Chair
Sarah Marie Bruno*

Social Chair
Graeme Baker

Council of the Princeton University Community

Executive Committee (2 positions)
Carli Kovel
Dylan Principi

Governance Committee
Dennis Schaefer

Judicial Committee
Sarah Wilterson

Priorities Committee (2 positions)

Resources Committee
Joel Abraham

Rights & Rules Committee (2 positions)
Scott Wolf

Special Committee on Naming
Dee Ruttenberg