2021 CPUC Committees

CPUC Committee Nominations: 
Nominations are also open for positions on the following committees of the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC):
 Executive Committee (2)
 Governance Committee (1)
 Judicial Committee (1)
 Priorities Committee (2)
 Resources Committee (1)
 Rights and Rules Committee (2)
 Special Committee on Naming (1)
The results for CPUC positions will be sent to the Office of the University Vice President and Secretary, who make the ultimate decision for CPUC appointments. For more information on the CPUC and the standing committees, please see: https://cpuc.princeton.edu/.

Committee Descriptions:

Executive Committee
Meets every other month; oversees the CPUC and its various committees.

Governance Committee
Meets every other month to oversee University management, assists in filling vacancies. 

Judicial Committee
Meets as needed (very infrequently) to consider disciplinary cases.

Priorities Committee
Meets on average once per week during the Fall semester to decide allocations for a ~$600,000 budget.

Resources Committee
Meets annually to oversee the overall University budget and endowment management.

Rights and Rules Committee
Meets as needed (very infrequently) to oversee revisions to the University’s code of conduct, Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.