GSG Accomplishments

  • Past Accomplishments of the GSG

    • Campus Directory: Prior to 1992, only undergraduates, faculty, and staff were listed in the Campus Directory. The GSG successfully lobbied for the inclusion of graduate students.
    • Dental Coverage: The GSG negotiated and offered a dental plan to graduate students and their families. Following several years of lobbying by the GSG, the University has taken over administration of optional dental plans for graduate students and now offers some basic free dental coverage as well.
    • Season Passes: The GSG has acted to allow grad students to obtain discount season passes for Princeton athletic events. To obtain a pass, contact the ticket office in Jadwin at 258-3538. Passes are $25 and are available to graduate students and their spouses.
    • AI Handbook: The GSG helped create the AI Handbook which informs student instructors on what to expect from teaching responsibilities at Princeton. The handbook is a publication of the University.
    • Extension of Housing Benefits: The GSG worked to allow post-enrolled graduate students to sublet university housing when it was available. A surcharge was originally applied, but further lobbying led to the abolition of the surcharge in 2002.
    • Credit Union Membership: The GSG has succeeded in opening up membership in the Princeton University Credit Union to graduate students.
    • DCE Status: Lobbying by the GSG led the University to create the new DCE status (starting Fall 2002) for students in their first year of post-enrollment. These students can now get ID cards, get full library access, enter the Housing Draws, park on campus, purchase athletics access at the staff rate, etc.
    • Lakeside: Achieved rent forgiveness eligibility for all affected students; Realized an improved graduate housing repairs procedure
    • Career Services: After extended lobbying from GSG, Amy Pszczolkowski is now the University’s first full time employee providing graduate career services; Established the Career Services Graduate Advisory Board


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