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GSG Budget 2015-2016
GSG Events Board Budget 2015-2016
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GSG Events Board Budget 2014-2015
GSG Budget 2013-2014
GSG Events Board Budget 2013-2014
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GSG Events Board Budget 2012-2013
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GSG Events Board Budget 2011-2012
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Other Documents

Graduate Housing Project Final Report, 2017

GSG Election Report, 2017

Graduate Safety Walk 2015-2016

May 2015 Graduate Student Opinion Poll on Divestment

August 2014 Off-Campus Housing Survey

March 2014 Accomplishments of the 2013-2014 GSG

March 2014 Policy Recommendations based on Students with Children Survey

March 2014 Graduate Students with Children Survey

March 2014 Election Committee Report

March 2013 Election Committee Report

October 2013 Open Letter to Dean Russel on his retirement

2012 GSG Housing Letter

2012 GSG Housing Survey Results

July 2012 GSG Transportation Meeting

March 2012 Report: Princeton’s Online Dissertation Submission Policy and How it Affects Humanities and Social Science Graduate Students created by the Graduate History Association

August 2009 Facilities Report

2008 Parking and Transportation Committee Report

2008 Princeton Campus Plan Pt 1Pt 2

2008 Princeton Sustainability Plan

2008 Institutional Review Committee ProposalCommittee Recommendations

2008 Standing Commitees Revision Proposal

2008 Furniture Drive Report

2007 Proposal for Graduate Student Center

2007 Introduction to the GSG

2007 Student Child Care Assistance Program

2006 DCE Handbook2006 DCE Benefits Fact Sheet

2006 Campus Planning Report

2005 Parental Leave Policy

2004 Task Force on Health and Well Being Report

2004 Special Committee on the GSG Budget Report

2004-2005 Ivy Summit Statistics

2004 Proposed Revisions to Housing Draw

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