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The GSG offers funding for Graduate Student Events through the Events Board. Please see the Events Guidelines page before applying for funding. Our funding application is available through SAFE (Student Activities Funding Engine).  Recognized graduate student organizations, please log in with your group NetID. If you are not affiliated with a recognized graduate student organization, then please email the Events Board (eboard@princeton.edu) to request a temporary group NetID in order to apply.

When does the Events Board meet?
The Events Board now meets virtually every other week.  One member of the requesting organization must be present at the meeting when the event is to be discussed.  Time slots will be assigned one week prior to the meeting.

Please note the recent changes to events allowed this year:

All student-led events and activities must be held virtually for the Fall 2020 term. Providing opportunities that contribute to the co-curricular engagement of graduate students remains at the heart of the Graduate School. Yet, the health and safety of our community can be second to none.  


Student organizations are permitted and encouraged to host virtual events and activities. No in-person activity or group travel is permitted. As a reminder, all virtual events/activities must be registered by completing the online Events Registration Form.


On-campus spaces, including but not limited to Lakeside, Lawrence, GC and Campus Club, will be unavailable to host events and activities.


Student organizations are permitted to use their finances for approved virtual group activity.


Student organizations may continue to request funding from the GSG Events Board for events.


The recognition of new student organizations will continue with the same recognition process.


We will host a virtual organization fair for student organizations to connect with incoming graduate students.

Student Organizations who have completed the annual renewal process have received information about the virtual fair. If you have not already done so, please complete the Student Organization Recognition Form to participate in the virtual fair.

Who is on the Events Board?
The Events Board is chaired by GSG treasurer Guanhua He (ghe@princeton.edu).  Other members of the committee are Nicole Barkley (Assistant Dean for Student Life), Kevin Fleming (Assistant Director of Residential Life), and Ellen Kellich  (Student Life Coordinator). We are always looking for students who want to join the Board! Please contact eboard@princeton.edu for more information.

The Events Board General Operating Rules are available here.

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If you have questions or concerns, please email eboard@princeton.edu.