How to Apply

The GSG offers funding for graduate student events through the GSG Events Board.

  1. Requirements for all funded events:

    The event must:

        • be open to all graduate students;
        • be included in the weekly GS Events Bulletin during the week of the event. Please send a blurb containing information about your event to Ellen Kellich ( no later than the preceding Friday at 5 pm.
        • list the Graduate Student Government Events Board as a co-sponsor.

Beginning in October 2019, the Events Board will meet once per month. As such, student groups must apply by the 15th of the month preceding the month when their event will take place (e.g., by September 15th for any October event).

How to apply for funding from the GSG Events Board:

      1. Plan your event and budget. Please be advised that the Graduate School requires that all on-campus events be registered and approved by Nicole Barkley, Assistant Dean for Student Life. However, the Events Board will still consider funding requests while approval is pending.
      2. Submit a funding request in SAFE (Note: You must be logged into SAFE with your student group Net ID to apply. If you do not have a student group Net ID, please contact for assistance.) Afterwards, you will receive an email from the Events Board informing you which Events Board meeting you are scheduled to attend. Note: Funding requests above $1,625 need to be presented not only to the Events Board but also to the GSG Assembly at its monthly meeting. 
      3. Send a representative to the meeting to describe the event and to answer questions. Funding decisions will be released by email.


  1. Note that the GSG can help you publicize your event by sending out a global e-mail. Please email the Graduate Student Government ( for more information.