Events Board Funding Guidelines

The GSG offers funding for graduate student events through the GSG Events Board. We suggest applying three to six weeks before the planned event.

How to apply for funding from the GSG Events Board:

  1. Plan your event and budget. Get approval from the Dean of Graduate Student Life. Please be advised that the Graduate School requires that all on-campus events be registered and approved by the Dean of Graduate Student Life. However, the Events Board will still consider funding requests while approval is pending.
  2. Submit a funding request in SAFE. Funding requests below $1,250 (5% of the annual budget) need to be made at least three weeks before the event takes place; funding requests at or above $1,250 must be made at least six weeks before the event takes place, as they also must be presented to the GSG Assembly at its monthly meeting. Afterwards, you will receive an email from the Events Board informing you which Events Board meeting you are scheduled to attend.
  3. Send a representative to the meeting to describe the event and to answer questions. Funding decisions will be released by email.

Requirements for all funded events:

The event must:

  • be open to all graduate students;
  • be included in the weekly GS Events Bulletin during the week of the event. Please send a blurb containing information about your event to Mary Ellen Trapold ( no later than the preceding Friday at 5 pm.
  • list the Graduate Student Government Events Board as a co-sponsor.

Note that the GSG can help you publicize your event by sending out a global e-mail. Please email the Graduate Student Government ( for more information.

How to begin the reimbursement process:

Funding is based on a reimbursement process. You will have to submit receipts and an itemized budget in order for us to pay you. This can happen through two channels: 

(1) By depositing the sum to your student group account (if applicable, in which case only scanned copies of the receipts are requested).  Scanned receipts must be uploaded to your SAFE GSG Events Board funding application and emailed to before funds will be transferred.  After funds are transferred to your student group, personal reimbursements should be submitted via Concur. Questions about how to use Concur should be sent to your group’s President or Treasurer. To pay a vendor directly, please contact Mary Ellen Trapold ( To pay student workers, please contact Nicole Barkley ( It is your responsibility to verify whether student workers are eligible to receive payment.

(2) If you are not part of a recognized student group and have paid for your event using the Graduate School credit card held by Mary Ellen Trapold, please send scanned receipts to her directly at If you are not part of a recognized student group and have paid for your event personally, please submit any receipts for reimbursement through Concur and request the GSG Events Board chartstring from

Please note we can only reimburse based on the sum of the receipts that you submit after your event. You have 30 days after the date of the expense was incurred or the date of the event (whichever comes first) to submit the receipts to the Board and/or through Concur.  You must email to request an extension within that time frame if this is not possible. If the deadline has passed, then the Board maintains the right to deny the reimbursement. In such a case, the money initially allocated for your request will be returned to our regular budget for the purpose of funding other events.