Academic Affairs Chair

Rachel Richman

3rd Year PhD candidate in Near Eastern Studies
Pronouns: she/her/hers

I am a proud Midwesterner: I grew up in Minneapolis, received my BA at the University of Chicago and my MA from the Ohio State University in Columbus. I spent a year living in Morocco, between my earlier degrees. After two years in Lakeside, I currently reside in Philadelphia. I love to walk, sing, and marvel at the magnolia trees.

My research uses Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic sources from the Cairo Geniza to investigate women’s labor and property in the 10th-14th centuries.

I served as the GSG representative for my department for three years before joining the Exec Board. My proudest accomplishment on GSG so far has been achieving the extended health coverage for students on medical leave. I became involved due to a friend’s needs: watching the medical leave procedure up close, I became incensed at the arbitrary rules and the sheer scale of bureaucracy students are forced to muddle through while ill. The six-month health coverage extension was necessary, but is not enough. I will continue to fight for sustained housing and for more accessible explanations and mechanisms to help students who are considering medical leave.

AY 2021-22 will be my third year serving on the University Student Life Committee and as a graduate leader within Near Eastern Studies. As your Academic Affairs representative, I am working on creating better protections for students during the General Exam process, determining what digital programming can continue to serve students outside of Princeton, and finding solutions to your concerns. Please feel free to email or Slack me if you’re in need of support.