Health and Life Chair

Mira Nencheva

3rd Year PhD Candidate in Psychology
Pronouns: she/her/hers

I work in the Princeton Baby Lab on how babies navigate the dynamics of early communication with their caregivers (think about all the changes in caregiver intonation and facial movements!). I’m an international student from Bulgaria and I came to the US for my undergrad. I’m really passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health struggles in academia and creating a climate in which graduate students with different experiences can thrive. Over the past three years I’ve been involved in organizing the annual Graduate Student Mental Health Awareness Month and recently served on the TigerWell Grant committee. My current initiatives as Health and Life Officer include organizing and expanding the reach of the next month-long series of events for Mental Health Awareness Month, collaborating with campus offices to design a training for faculty to increase mental health awareness and promote wellbeing and inclusivity in graduate advising, installing menstrual product dispensers in graduate residences. In addition I am collaborating with TigerWell and other campus partners, including several student groups, to increase the year-round accessibility of graduate-centered mental health support through group therapy, one-on-one drop-in counseling, and community building events and workshops. When I’m not geeking out about psychology and mental health, you’d find me on long walks, hanging upside down in aerial yoga, drawing badly on my tablet and not very patiently waiting till in-person concerts are a thing again.