Special Events Officer

Irving Miramontes

2nd year PhD student in Molecular Biology

Hello everyone, my name is Irving Miramontes, your current Special Events Officer. I look forward to represent and advocate for my fellow graduate peers as part of the GSG Executive board. I truly stand by the motto “work hard, play hard”- In my first semester here at Princeton I really enjoyed going to all of the great events hosted by GSG. So much that I look forward to share that happiness by throwing amazing special events for y’all as your Special Events Officer! I know how hard graduate students work to make sure they are excelling in their research and academic careers – GSG events have always been a favorite and a great way to take a hard-earned break and relax.  I look forward to creating inclusive and interactive events where everyone can partake in a fun and exciting environment that is a catalyst to recreation and friendship. I will make sure I put all my creativity to use, also if you have any recommendations for our events feel free to reach out!