Vice President

Lauren Feldman

5th year PhD Candidate in Social Psychology

In Lauren’s role, she looks forward to working with representatives at the department level to understand and document grad students’ needs across disciplines – as well as fostering interdisciplinary contact and collaboration across departments. Her own research focuses on racial and gender inequality and stereotype change, and as a first gen student, she’s excited to work with university programs designed to support under-represented grad students. Lauren is always interested in meeting and talking with grad students from all academic disciplines and backgrounds, so please feel free to write her anytime to set up a time to meet or talk over coffee.

“I understand that much of grad students’ academic, professional, and social experiences are localized within their individual departments. What do you work on? What are your goals? What’s made these goals easier to work towards, and what’s stood in the way? I want to know! My inbox is always open:

Pronouns: she, her, hers