Mental Health Resources

On campus resources

  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS) at 609-258-3141 to make an appointment to see a counselor or walk-in to the first floor of McCosh Health Center during business hours to speak with a counselor. For urgent care, you will be able to see a counselor shortly after arriving. After hours, you can contact the counselor on call by calling 609-258-3141 and pressing 2. In addition to individual counseling services, CPS offers group counseling for graduate students and other groups, a variety of mind-body programsworkshops, and drop-in hours with outreach counselors around campus.
  • Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education (SHARE) is a confidential resource that supports those dealing with incidents of interpersonal violence and abuse including sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence and stalking. SHARE provides “crisis response, support, counseling, advocacy, education, and referral services.” Reach SHARE at 609-258-3310 or walk-in to McCosh Health Center in rooms 217 and 214C during business hours. After business hours, you can contact SHARE at 609-258-3141 and ask to have the on-call SHARE advocate contacted. S
  • Carl Fields Center  addresses “forms of prejudice and discrimination, including the dynamics that systemically exclude or oppress individuals and groups because of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, and economic or social class.”
  • LGBT center “supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual students and employees by providing community-building, education, events and initiatives. Our work seeks to affirm and help students explore their many identities, including a/sexuality, a/gender, race, ability, religion and class. While we center the needs and experiences of LGBTQIA students, we serve the entire campus community, through training, consultation and advocacy.”
  • Office of Disability Services (ODS)  ” facilitates reasonable accommodations to support our students with disabilities. The Office of Disability Services also serves as a resource to the many University administrative units and academic departments that have responsibility for or obligations to accommodate faculty, staff and campus visitors with disabilities.”
  • Women*s center’s “mission is to recognize and redress historic and persistent gender inequality at Princeton and beyond.  To achieve this we help students learn from the history of women’s and other movements for social equality, and empower them to identify systems that reproduce gender inequity in the present and to envision and create a more just future.”
  • Princeton public safety can be reached at  609-258-3333

Insurance and financial resources

  • Exclusive Provider Network: Students have access to an Exclusive Provider Network for off-campus mental health services in the Princeton area. No referrals are needed for EPN providers, and students are only responsible for a $20 copay.
  • Medical expense and health plan assistance programs: The Graduate School offers financial assistance for prohibitive medical expenses and for students who cannot access an in-network provider.
  • Mental health Loan Program: McCosh offers up to $1,250 in loans per semester for mental health counseling costs. A special needs fund is also available.  

Off campus resources