Princeton has 12 separate libraries.  If you’re looking for a quiet place to work, we suggest taking a look at this helpful list of study spaces or this map of key libraries on campus.  Before visiting Firestone library for the first time to look for materials, we suggest taking a look at the maps of the Firestone collections and floor plans.

The GSG Academic Affairs Committee has liaisons for several of the departments that serve multiple academic communities-for more information contact the Academic Affairs Chair.

These graduate student liaisons work on a range of issues related to library policy and access. In recent years, the GSG has offered advice on the Firestone Library Renovations, new borrowing and renewal policies at Lewis Libraries, the use of personal digital cameras in Firestone’s special collections, and late study hours in Firestone and other libraries.

If you have any concerns about policies or conduct at any of Princeton’s libraries, contact us or the library in question directly and we will do our best to raise your concerns to the relevant University administrators. Also, if you are interested in serving as a graduate student liaison to one of Princeton’s libraries, contact us or your departmental representative for more information.